Rhodes University Identity Provider Service

This is login.ru.ac.za, Rhodes University's central web authentication service. Some web-based services use login.ru.ac.za when they need to to know who in the University is using them.

Logging in

Staff and students will be prompted to log into the identity provider when necessary. Once logged into the IdP, you will automatically be signed into other sites as necessary. If you really want to, you can explicitly login to login.ru.ac.za. You can also use this to test your login.

Logging out

Single logout is experimental and is currently not supported. The only sure way to ensure you are logged out is to completely close your browser session.

If you need to test something (or want to use someone else's browser to log in), please use your browser's private browsing or incognito mode.

If, after reading the caveats, you still want to try to log out, you may do so here.


The identity provider can provide information about Rhodes users in the form of attributes. A complete list of supported attributes is available. However the Information & Technology Services Division practises minimal release, and most service providers only receive a small subset of these attributes.


This IdP will always ask your consent before releasing your personal information to third party service providers (consent is assumed for official University providers). By checking the check box on the consent screen, you can remember your consent for a particular provider. If you do this, you'll only be asked to re-consent if something changes.

You can withdraw existing consent if you wish.

More information

Technical details of the service, including how to configure your service provider, are available.

Details of Rhodes' identity management processes are also available.