Technical Information

Below is some technical information about

Using this Identity Provider

If your site is hosted in TerminalFOUR, you can make use of the .htaccess (access control) content template to restrict access to your site. This will automatically make use of

If you'd like to use Rhodes' IdP to protect your own web application, there's a step-by-step guide to configuring Linux & Apache for use at Rhodes.

The above example uses the Shibboleth native SP module, which can also be used with other web server software. If you have a PHP application, you may prefer to use SimpleSAMLphp as a service provider. The worked example should give you hints as to how to configure these.

Note that use of is preferred over LDAP, and the use of LDAP for authenticating web applications is both deprecated and actively discouraged. This is because LDAP-based applications do not necessarily preserve privacy in the same way, and are more vulnerable to phishing.

Entity ID & Metadata

This identity provider's entity ID is The entity ID is also a valid URL that can be used to obtain the IdP's metadata.


This identity provider is based on SimpleSAMLphp.


A complete list of attributes supported by this IdP is available. At present, all attributes derive from the University's central eDirectory servers or are generated within the IdP. However, eDirectory derives attributes from a number of authoritative sources, such as the HR and student records systems.

If you'd like to see the values of these attributes for your user object, you can log in to the test service provider.